Artículo del profesor Mohamed Mousa sobre el profesorado femenino en contextos académicos egipcios


Compartimos con nuestra comunidad de Gestión la segunda publicación con filiación PUCP del profesor Dr. Mohamed Mousa. El artículo en mención fue publicado recientemente por el International Journal of Public Administration y se titula «From Intersectionality to Substantive Representation: Determinants of the Representation of Women Faculty in Academic Contexts: Voices of Egyptian Academic Leaders».


Through addressing four public universities in Egypt, the author of the present study seeks to answer the question of why women faculty are poorly represented in both professorial and academic managerial positions. Upon conducting semi-structured interviews with 22 academic leaders in the addressed universities, the author of the present paper has found that the representation of women faculty is determined by both cultural barriers (e.g., familial obligations, the think manager think male culture, religious barriers) and institutional limitations (e.g., lack of administrative support, gender bias, greediness of academic institutions). To the best of the author’s knowledge, this study is the first of its kind in the context of a developing nation to focus on the representation of women faculty from the perspective of academic leaders, and subsequently, it fills a gap in HR management, public administration and higher education, in which empirical studies that address academic leaders to identify their perceptions of the representation of their female colleagues have been limited so far.

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We share with our Gestión community the second publication with PUCP affiliation by Professor Dr. Mohamed Mousa. The mentioned article was recently published by the «International Journal of Public Administration» and is entitled «From intersectionality to substantive representation: determinants of the representation of women teachers in academic contexts: voices of Egyptian academic leaders.»

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Mohamed Mousa – Short bio

Professor of Human Resources Management at the Department of Management Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, an Associate Professor of Human Resources Management at WSB University (Poland), an Associate Editor in the Journal of Management Development, an Associate Editor in Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration, an Editorial Board Member in the European Journal of International Management, a former Assistant Professor of HRM at Rabat Business School (Morocco), a former Post Doctorate researcher at Oulu Business School (Finland), a former Post Doctorate Research Fellow at Cardiff Metropolitan university (UK) and a former Senior Research Associate at the Estonian Business School (Estonia). Mohamed Mousa worked previously as a full-time teaching assistant at Minufiya University (Egypt). Professor Mousa does research in Human Resources Management and Organizational Studies.